Why You Should Consider Getting a Freelance Visa

If you’re reading this, the chances are either that you’ve made the decision to become your
own boss, or you’re considering taking the step. At The Freelance Club, we believe that freelancers are an
essential part of any thriving society and economy who need the right security and support
to get the job done.
In 2020, the freelance job market grew by over 25%. Globally, there are now over 57 million
individuals working freelance across all sectors from education to media and the arts – and
there’s a good reason for this.


As a freelancer, you get to decide who you work for, when you work and how much you earn. A vast majority of those who have taken the plunge to go freelance have gone on to
lead strong and successful careers, but we understand that starting off can be daunting (especially if you’re yet to find paying clients). Whether you’re an artist, a programmer or a graphic designer, obtaining a legal freelancing visa is the first and biggest step you can take to ensure this process is seamless and stress-free as possible. Click here to see what work you can do as a freelancer.

With a freelance visa, you will have full unrestricted access to freelancing communities to find work and grow your network, as well as the right to legally live and work in the Emirates. Here are some other benefits of what you can get with the right freelance visa:

❏ You can sponsor your family and/or spouse to join you in the UAE
❏ You decide your own rate of pay and working hours
❏ Health insurance
❏ You can still do other jobs on top of your freelance work
❏ As your own boss, your visa not reliant on an external employer who may not have
your best interests at heart
❏ You can join the freelance community to grow your network
❏ It’s inexpensive (relative to other visa/health insurance options)


We believe that freelancers are the creative underforce upholding most sectors, from the musicians to the graphic designers to the translators. Going freelance is a big and bold step, and it’s important that you proceed in a way that is legal with the right network of support to maximise your opportunities. To find out more, or to view what options are available to you, find us on.

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